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The whole world is shifting to renewable energy sources since resources on earth are getting scarce daily. The most common and widely used renewable energy is solar energy. Solar panels are a significant investment in your home whose functionality is reduced by dust and bird droppings. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that solar panels are cleaned by professionals regularly to perform at optimal efficiency. Contrary to what numerous homeowners think, rain doesn't wash away dust and bird droppings from solar panels. 

Like other cleaning tasks, solar cleaning may seem like an easy DIY cleaning endeavor. It makes sense to spend a few hours on top of your roof cleaning panels to save money, right? While saving money is essential, DIY solar panel cleaning may result in a couple of problems. Professionals are extensively trained on safety and know the detergents to use when cleaning your solar panels. 

Additionally, solar panels need to be cleaned in ways that do not damage them. How you clean your floors is not the way panels are cleaned. Professionals clean panels gently using soft brushes to ensure they get rid of any build-up dust and bird droppings without damaging the solar panels. Professional solar cleaners ensure your panels are sparkling clean while reducing the risk of destroying the panels during the cleaning process.

Here are compelling reasons why you should hire professional solar cleaners.

To Eliminate the Risk of Damaging the Panels 

The leading reason why you should hire a professional cleaning service is to avoid damaging the panels. Professionals have special equipment that does not scratch or break the panels during the cleaning process. However, this is not a guarantee when doing it yourself.

Only non-abrasive cleaning supplies and unique soft bristles should be used to avoid scratching the panel's surface. When you do it yourself, you are likely to use standard cleaning supplies, negatively affecting panels' efficiency. 

Given that installing solar panels is an expensive investment, you should prolong their lifespan by hiring a professional cleaning company. 

Enhance Solar Panel Efficiency 

By hiring a professional solar cleaning service, you are guaranteed to improve your panels' efficiency. Experts have it that cleaning can increase solar panel efficiency by as much as 30%. While you can do the cleaning yourself, you are unlikely to do it to the best standards, which is the primary reason why you should hire professionals.

Personal Safety 

Any work that involves climbing to high heights should be left to professionals. Even after purchasing the right cleaning supplies and equipment, there are still safety risks associated with DIY cleaning. Several factors can make DIY solar cleaning very risky. For example, solar panels fitted in uneven surfaces, awkward positions, and extremely high roofs can be daunting to clean. To avoid sustaining injuries, it is prudent to hire professionals to handle the job.

Experience and Expertise

Professionals have years of experience cleaning panels fitted in different positions. Some solar panels are fitted uniquely, and their cleaning differs from the rest as well. Since you don't know multiple cleaning methods based on how panels are installed, you better leave this job to professionals. No matter how unclean your panels are, professionals will do a brilliant job cleaning them.

Use Sustainable Water

The type of water to use to clean panels is an overlooked aspect. Not all water is suitable for cleaning solar panels. The mineral content in water matters, as high mineral content may leave marks and stains on the panels, thus decreasing their performance. 

Professional solar cleaners test the water before using it. If the water contains high mineral content, the cleaners treat it to ensure it's safe for cleaning.

Right Cleaning Detergents

Most cleaning supplies sold in local stores can damage your panels. Experts know the right detergents that cannot cause issues on the solar panels. Professionals source for industry-standard cleaning supplies specifically manufactured for panels.

Use Modern Techniques

Professionals stay on top of current cleaning techniques in the industry. They employ the most recent techniques to improve solar panels' performance and enhance curb appeal.

To prolong your panels' lifespan, and to ensure they are performing at 100% efficiency, hire professionals to clean and maintain the panels. They will use modern techniques and detergents specifically designed for solar panels.

Jim Pulman
Jim Pulman has extensive knowledge and experience in Home Building, Construction, and Design. He writes articles in his free time and partners with content creators to share his expertise with the online community

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