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Having a pet is a great idea and as most pet owners will tell you, it can be very rewarding. Owning a pet is great and pets have many benefits they afford you such as companionship and a playmate. There are downsides to owning a pet like cleaning up messes and constantly caring for them. Regardless, it is a great idea especially when you can make changes to your home to eliminate some of the negatives of owning a pet. With a few home improvements, you won’t have to constantly watch your pet, or clean up after them. You will get all the benefits of owning a pet and none of the negatives and all you have to do is make a few changes to your home. Have a pet-friendly home, and you get a happy pet as well.

Remodel your home

Home remodeling is the best way to make your home pet-friendly. You can take out anything that may be dangerous to the pet and add in things that are safer and more hygienic. Replace any broken furniture or any damaged appliances that are exposed. Seeing as pets like to munch on things, they may consider such an opening a toy and begin to munch on it. In the case of open wires, there may be live current flowing through them and this will end up electrocuting your pet. When remodeling your home, you should be mindful of your choice. You can help make the home more interesting to a pet by adding a few items to your home. A pet house is always a great idea, or you can create a space specifically for your pet. You can add in a playpen or toys for your pet, giving them things to play within the house when you aren't home. Home remodeling usually involves painting and you should consider it as well when making your home pet-friendly. Seeing as some types of paint will attract fur, and pets shed a lot, you should consider the type of paint on your walls. Glossy paint will be the best choice as it won’t attract fur and your pets can shed elsewhere.

Add pet-friendly plants

Adding plants to your home is always a great idea as it comes with several benefits to your health whilst still having an aesthetic value. Plants may be healthy for you but not all of them are healthy for dogs. Some plants have negative effects on plants and would be harmful to your pets if they come in contact with them. If you already have plants around the house, you may want to check if they are pet-friendly. If the plants you have aren't pet-friendly, you can remove them and replace them with options that are more suitable for a pet-friendly home. If you are planning to plant a new one, then you should also ensure that its pet friendly. Pets can also be funny sometimes and end up eating plants you have around the house. You can take precautions to keep the plants away from the reach of the pets as they can have harmful effects on your pet.

Secure your windows

You should make sure all the windows in your house are secured before you get a pet. Pets usually get excited and show it by jumping around especially when you return home. Most times, they even jump on the sofa and try peering out the window to see your return. Once they see you, they jump and try to push open the window to meet you. An unfastened window will give way and let the pet out which could be disastrous depending on how high your house is. A well-fastened window, however, will keep the pet indoors and they will only be able to show their excitement when you enter the house.

Final thoughts

A pet-friendly home will allow you to enjoy your relationship with your pet to the full extent. You won’t have to make too many trips to the vet and even when you do, it will be for routine purposes. A healthy pet will also help you have a healthier mind as pets are therapeutic. You should however note that having a pet is a full-time responsibility and will be very demanding. 

Authors Bio: Elliot Rhodes

Elliot has been both an interior and exterior designer for over 8 years. He is happy to plan and design exteriors of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. He helps others with beautifying the outside areas of their homes and businesses. When he has free time, he is writing articles on latest designing trends and projects


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