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Growing plants indoors seems a tedious task, but people are still giving it a try. That’s because more and more people are discovering the many advantages of having plants in your home. They don’t only make your home greener, but they also contribute to a lot of things—and you’ll be surprised to know how they can benefit you, as well.

Some people only talk about the aesthetic aspect of having houseplants, but they are more than just eye candy. Indeed, they look beautiful and relaxing, but they offer a ton of benefits that you’d really want to have in your home.  

Why Do I Need Houseplants at Home?

You may be thinking, “But I already have plants in my front and backyard. Why do I need to bring them inside?” Growing plants outside is great, and it does wonders for the environment and neighborhood, but if there is somewhere you’d need its air-cleaning benefits the most, it’s inside your house.  

Several studies have shown that indoor air can be 2–5 times more polluted than outdoor air. In some cases, that ratio may even spike to 100 times, depending on the equipment, tools, and substances used indoors.  

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce this, such as growing houseplants. There are a number of reasons why houseplants can be very valuable for homeowners these days. We have collected a few of its most attractive benefits, as proven by scientific studies.

1. It Cleanses Air Indoors – According to studies, even indoor air may become polluted. Some factors that may cause this include combustion sources such as ovens, stoves and toasters, cleaning and disinfection supplies like insecticides and detergents, and building material by-products like asbestos fibers and other chemicals.

Considering these, it is then essential to keep the house well-ventilated, so fresh air from outside will come in. Placing indoor plants can help, as they produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, thus improving air quality. They also lower down humidity levels, as they release water vapor into the air through transpiration.

2. Houseplants Boost Mental and Physical Health – Due to the plants’ air-cleansing functions, they can help prevent various physical illnesses, most of which are caused by indoor air pollution. Some of these diseases include stroke, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other respiratory infections.

In addition, there is also a study showing proof that plants, especially flowers, can enhance your mood and have a direct impact on getting a sense of happiness and peace. In a lifestyle where you’re always stressed, taking a quick time off can be possible by appreciating the beauty of your indoor plants.  

3. They Add Style and Aesthetics to a Home – Most interior designs nowadays are either sophisticated interiors or minimalist designs. Either way, both can benefit from houseplants to add another dimension of color and texture that paint and furniture simply can’t.

Choose the best type of plant you want to give your home interior a personalized look you’ve been looking for.  

4. Some Indoor Plants Keep Bugs Away – If you study the different types of plants carefully, you will come across a few ones that can repel bugs and other annoying insects at home. These insects may bite and cause rashes, while some even cause illnesses that can affect you and your family.

To keep pests away, choose a particular set of plants to do the job. Some floras can either repel bugs with their fragrant odors or take care of them for good. The first group consists of fragrant plants that bugs and insects surprisingly despise. Some examples are basil, lavender, mint, and rosemary.  

Meanwhile, there are also carnivorous plants that make a feast out of insects so they won’t bother you anymore. A few examples include the Venus flytrap, pitcher plant, and Drosera.  

5. Caring for Plants Helps You Relate Better to Other People – Interestingly, taking care of plants does not only help ease your mood, but it also enables you to genuinely care for another living thing other than yourself and your family.

Taking care of pets have the same effect, but if you need something that would require less attention and effort, then growing and cleaning your own indoor plant would be great. Using the same principles in caring for your plants, you’d be able to connect and understand the needs of other people better. 

Growing Indoor Plants as Investment

As you have learned, growing plants inside your home does have a ton of benefits, including improved physical and mental well-being, better air quality, and even improved aesthetics, not to mention its efficiency against bugs like flies and mosquitoes.  

One of the common misconceptions in growing indoor plants is the belief that you should have a green thumb to succeed. This is absolutely not the case. While it would require minimal effort on your part, such as occasional watering, trimming of dried leaves and stems, and placing them in locations easily reached by sunlight, all of these are nothing compared to the benefits that you would enjoy.  

If you still feel unsure whether to grow indoor plants or not, just consider it as an investment for you and your family. It may not provide monetary benefit, but it would definitely give something even money cannot buy—a peaceful, healthy, and happy environment.  


Oscar Florea 
Oscar Florea is a content contributor for Avida's lifestyle blog Pursuit of Passion. He is an engineer by profession but a multipotentialite by destiny. Just like a normal dude in a basketball-crazy country, one of his passions is shooting hoops.


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