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“The key to creating a home meditation practice is to create a space where the busyness stops”-Thich Nhat Hanh

It has always been a given that a house with more than enough space is ideal—not only for families, but for individuals as well.

Not only does having ample space give you expanding possibilities, but your decorating and design opportunities are practically limitless. Moreover, it makes your home feel a lot cozier and more comfortable in a sense that you are given the liberty to breathe without that constricting and stifled feeling. Unfortunately, while every one of us is desirous of a home with enough space, it would cost money and every single square meter would set you back by at thousands of pesos at the very least. In other cases, homeowners are constrained to what they have bought as there is no legal means of expanding the space such as in the case of condo units like a Rockwell condo. In this regard, most prospective homeowners would just settle for a home that is functional but quite lacking in terms of space.

However, what your home lacks in space, you should compensate for in design and decor. After all, decorating and designing your space is an avenue for making it seem a lot roomier than it actually is. Diminutive spaces do not have to feel cramped and suffocating, just ensure that you apply these easy room-expanding techniques the next time you plan on redecorating so that you would allow yourself a little more breathing room.

1.)    Clear up the clutter

When it comes to space-saving and room-expanding ideas, clearing up the clutter and the organization of your possessions are rudimentary steps. Not only is clutter taking up useful space, but it can be quite the eyesore as well. So, before you proceed, ensure that all of your table and countertops are devoid of unnecessary things that serve no purpose. You might just be surprised at how much space you can actually open up just by getting rid of the clutter.

2.)    Space it out

Having a smaller space does not mean that you have to shove all of your furniture to the wall or make them seem like they are glued to it. Sure, it expands the room but it only ever creates space in the middle of it. Moreover, the decorating scheme is rigid and a little dull making your place seem even more lifeless than it actually was. Angle your furniture and create breathing room not only at the center, but all around the room as well.

3.)    Use a monochromatic color scheme

Instead of incorporating as many colors as you can into a single room, try to choose colors from the same color family. In this regard, you will effectively mitigate visual noise and discordant hues that can make a room look smaller. Monochromatic hues, while basic, remain one of the tried and tested ways to open up a room.  Apply this color scheme and utilize textured wall finishes and even delicate tonal drapery fabrics for a more sophisticated finish.

4.)    Let the light in

Always ensure that the rooms in your home are basked in adequate natural light and is well-lit during nighttime. Any room will automatically look larger once it is well-lit—regardless of whether you are using natural or artificial lighting. Thick and heavy draperies may look elegant and sophisticated, but they tend to obscure the room and if you are aiming for space above elegance, then swap them out for thinner drapes. Besides, you can achieve sophisticated with a well-lit room that looks spacious.

5.)    Use multifunctional pieces

When shopping for a furniture, you must take not only design into consideration but function as well. The more functions it serves, the better for your space it would be and if it looks great in your living room then that is an added bonus. Generally, you should never buy furniture that only has one function. Invest instead, in furniture that would serve a myriad of purposes, so you can better streamline a room. An example of this is to install an ottoman with a built-in storage where you can tuck away blankets or books or a vintage steamer trunk. Not only would these items serve as excellent storage options, but they would look great in your living room as well.


Janice Jaramillo

Janice Jaramillo is a twenty something who loves to write various topics . She likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.

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