Small Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Best Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom is often the most neglected part of the house when it comes to an upgrade or a makeover. Whether a bathroom is small or large, there are certain items that can totally change its outlook.  

Your bathroom deserves to look good. It is after all one of the most important rooms in a house where you spend a good amount of time.

1. Good lighting

The power of good lighting cannot be overemphasized. There are a variety of light fixtures to choose from, just remember to be unique in your choices. Bathroom lighting trends to focus on layering. You can have an overhead light, lights on the walls or surrounding the bathroom mirror and combined with natural light from the window, your bathroom can get the proper lighting it needs.

2. Tiles

Blending wall tiles or wall paint with floor tiles is a thing of the past. This year the trending color and pattern of tiles are green and geometric patterns. 

Typical tile patterns tend to capture the eye and a vivid green is just such a happy and vibrant color.

3. Storage

Not a lot of people think of storage when it comes to the bathroom. It is no myth that a good storage place in the bathroom help to keep it looking neat and organized. Standard sized drawers should do well to store all your bathroom essentials like towels, bathrobes, bath salts, body scrubs, cleaning supplies etc. 

For a smaller bathroom space, wall baskets or a small shelf can serve the purpose of storage.

4. Bathroom Works of Art

You might ask, why put up any work of art in the bathroom and the answer is why not? instead of leaving the bathroom walls bare, putting up a work of art gives the bathroom a fresh look. 

It can be a painting, a DIY project or even a blown up version of your favorite picture.

5. Upgrading hardware

Hardware can include mirrors, tap heads, shower heads and toilet paper holder. Replacing these items take little or no time and can go a long way in improving a bathroom's appearance.

6.  Accessorize

For a final touch, accessorize the bathroom with a new floor mat, a quirky dental hygiene tools holder, or a new set of towels with a pop of color.

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Her shorts stories have appeared in Brittlepaper, Kalahari review, and in two anthologies.

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Bernardina Gaines

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