Tips for Designing a Small Room

Some of us have small rooms, and what instantly comes to our mind when we think of these small rooms is how to tastefully design and furnish them to suit our interest.

This might sometimes be daunting, but don’t worry, it is important to note that good interior design isn’t limited by space or size of a room. Good interior design is good, regardless of space or size.

And so, here are 10 tips on how to design a small room:

1.      Utilize furniture with storage: what better way to save space than to utilize quality pieces of furniture with storage? For instance, you can make use a table that can double as a table and as well as a storage in your living room. This will help you store some things while making more space for other things. Likewise, you can also choose a sofa or chair with storage.

2.       Purchase low-sitting sofas: this is one trick that can make the size of your living room look bigger and taller. When you purchase low-sitting furniture, your walls look taller.

3.      Fanciful Wall Clock & Art Pieces:  They have a way of brightening up a room, as well as making it stand out

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4.      Strategically hang a mirror in the room: it is no longer news that mirrors can help improve the lighting of a particular space. And so, you can hang a mirror on the wall, this will bring in more lighting and as well as make the space feel airy. 

5.      Invest in Vertical Materials: for example, you can use a curtain with vertical stripes. Vertical stripes make things or a particular space appear taller.

6.      Go lighter with the paint: paint your small living room in softer colours, this makes your room appear larger than it is.

7.      Keep a distance between your furniture and the wall: when you pull your furniture away from the wall with some inches, this makes your room appear to have more room and airy, and open.

8.      Match your curtain colours with your wall: this is a very useful trick and it can make your room appear larger because the colours will blend with each other

9.      Decorate with plant: did you know that bringing in plant into your living room can make your room fresher, lighter, and airy?

10.      Purchase double-duty furniture: a double-duty furniture is a piece of furniture that can serve multiple duties.

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