Tips to make your Living room look bigger

Tips to make your Living room look bigger

People live in a tiny apartment for different reasons best known to them. However, whatever your reasons are, you will agree with me that decorating your tiny sitting room can be quite boring because of the lack of space.

But, do you know there are clever ways that can actually make your tiny living room look bigger and interesting to decorate without spending a whole lot? Oh yes, there are!

Read further to discover different effective ways to make your tiny living room look bigger.

Make use of mirror

A mirror can do the magic trick to make your living room look bigger. You can get a large mirror and place it in your living room.

However, if you are on a budget and you cannot afford to get a big, expensive mirror. Then you should go try arranging smaller mirrors together on a wall. Ensure you paint the frames with the same color because will create uniformity which will make your living room organized.

Use lightweight fabrics

Ensure you avoid heavy weight fabrics if you want to make your living room bigger. This is because a heavyweight fabric for your curtains will take in the light in the room.  This will make your room smaller.

Instead, ensure you go for a lightweight material e.g. a light linen curtain which will make the room look bigger and airy.

Get a multi-purpose furniture

One of the tricks of making your small living room bigger is by ensuring your floor is free from so much storage as much as possible.

A piece of multi-purpose furniture such as ottoman can serve this purpose. Ottoman can serve as a storage space, seating and a table.

Go for a monochromatic color scheme

You should never use so many different colors for a small space because they will be too overwhelming for the small space. This will make your space look smaller.

Instead, use colors that belong to the same color family for your soft furnishings, furniture, fittings, ornaments, curtains, and carpets.

In addition, monochromatic colors are easy on the eyes. So your eyes can easily absorb them. 

Make sure your windows are always clean

A dirty window can prevent light from coming in and can distract the eye which makes the room look smaller.

So ensure you clean your window often. You can get fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and get an old newspaper to clean it up. 

Use the same color for your curtains and for your walls    

This is a hack you should give a try if you want your space to look bigger. This way, the curtains will easily blend into the walls making it look bigger and not smaller.

On a final note, ensure you give this a try and thank us later.

Temitope Ikusika

Lover of great write-ups, decor and art.

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