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TRAINING MODULE 1   -  Getting Started.


Introduction & Mind-set

Being an affiliate is not as hard, tedious and time-consuming as most people think. It only requires strategy and a strong desire to grow your passive income.

Most people think/believe that affiliate programs are for bloggers and website owners, who could drive in traffic and get conversions via their website or blog. This is not true, anyone can be an affiliate even without a blog or website, so long you are a user of any of the platforms listed in Section 1.2 of this module.


About HOG Furniture and its affiliates program.

Hog Furniture is a retailer of home, office and Garden furniture. We deal in renowned brands of furniture having numerous customers that have come to rely on our sales support and warranties.

Incorporated in Jan 2009 as a retailing outlet for office furniture, The Company has since grown into a significant member of the Vanaplus Group.

The essence of existence in the corporate world is to have an impact on living and life as a whole. Let's take you on an expedition through nature's very best in Home, Office and Garden furnishing.


About Our Affiliate Program

HOG Furniture Affiliate Program is a fast growing online sales referral and income support system that allows you to make money online by selling, advertising or marketing our products for fabulous commissions!

The program has been designed with you in mind, focusing on giving you a better user experience even as you make deliberate marketing efforts to advertise our products whilst you earn 3% commission on every lead that converts to a sale.


What Do I Need To Become an Affiliate and Stay Relevant?

You need nothing! – Yes, Absolutely nothing except your strong desire to drive sales and make money.

To be one of our affiliate you do not necessarily need to have a website or blog site (although having your own website helps).

You can choose to promote our products via search engines (Learn how), and social media networks (eg your Facebook accounts & pages, twitter, Instagram etc) BBM and Whatsapp Broadcasts Messages, Paid Advertising, postings in forums (Nairaland, etc), Offline sales (with the help of our mobile app for Android & Apple users) or simply email to all your friends and people you know with your affiliate link attached to our product.

If you have your own website, simply refer your visitors to our website using any of our banners or product links with your embedded affiliate links, and if he or she buys anything from us, you will get a commission.


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