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Q: How do i register?

A: Registering to list and sell your item our platform is free, simply click on the sign up or join button on the sellerhub


Q: How can i list my items?

A: Listing your item is easy and stress free, simply click on the add product button on the top right hand of your sellerhub control panel and fill and review all fields possible and there you go! Just that easy.


Q: Can I add variant to a product?

A: Yes you can.


Q: Is there any restriction on the number of items i can list & display?

A: There's no limit on the products you can list on our platform.


Q: How would i know when i have an order?

A: You will receive an email triggered by orders placed on/for your items as soon as the order is place. We will also try as much as possible to follow up with calls for reminder where possible and applicable.


Q: How can i keep track of my payments?

A: you can track your payments with the Payment Received tab of your control panel, you can also match your payments with fulfilled orders for verification.


Q: How soon can i get my money after an order is fulfilled?

A: Merchant payments are schedule and paid every Tuesdays and Thursdays. If a merchant product is delivered on Monday and the payment is confirmed and without any arbitration issue from the customer, it will be qualified for payment on Tuesday or at most Thursday.


Q: Can i add my own shipping rate?

A: Yes you can. but you may need to contact us for appropriate & applicable rates. Though our standard shipping rates applies when not indicated.


Q: How does warranties affect me?

A: We have 3 types of warranties for our buyers.

  • 7 days Sales Warranty: This warranty protects both buyers and sellers from unnecesary headaches, where buyers are allowed to return an item if they dont like it or its not the colour/size they ordered. in this case a refund or exchange can be made. (read the returns policy for more).
  • 30days Store Warranty: This type of warranty offers support to customers who like and buys a product but the item developed a fault within the 30days, such items can be repaired or replace as occasion demands.
  • 90 days manufacturer's Warranty: the 90 days warranty is the same 30days with the difference of additional 60 days.


Q: Can i add my own warranty?

A: Yes You can, it further helps customers to have confidence in your brand and support.

Q: Can I put my store on holiday if I intend to travel?

A: Yes. By disabling all your products. When that is done it will no longer be live online



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