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HOG Furniture is a specialized marketplace platform in Nigeria that allows dealers and sellers in furniture, furnishing, fittings and Décor accessories for Home, Office and Garden or outdoors to sell their products to the public over the internet. This platform is currently provided on the website


The merchant/dealer hereby agrees that the relationship between her and HOG Furniture is governed by this policy and the general terms and conditions available on the website.


As a merchant on, you will be required to adhere to the following policies when listing or selling on HOG Furniture platform.


HOG Furniture (Our) Responsibility/Obligations

  • Marketing & Promotion: HOG furniture will promote the products listed by the seller on the website and every other marketing channel utilized by HOG Furniture.
  • Order/Sales Processing: HOG furniture is authorized to accept sales on behalf of the merchant and will be careful to pass order data on to the merchant as well as for follow up and confirmation.
  • Delivery: HOG furniture will provide delivery/logistics options to support merchants for prompt and effective deliveries. Our Delivery policy is currently N1,500 for Lagos and Ogun State and Base Charge of N5000 for other states in Nigeria and this may be higher depending on the value of the order. Where there is a bulk order we negotiate shipment fee with the courier companies we patronise on behalf of our customers to get them the best rate.
  • Assembly of product – We offer such service in Lagos and Ogun State to our customers for free, while for other states, it is a paid service.
  • Sanctions: In order to maintain its reputation for quality and high standard of service, HOG Furniture reserves the right to terminate the relationship with the merchant if the merchant repeatedly receives bad reviews or complaints or fails to comply with our recommendations.


Merchants (Your) Responsibility/Obligations

  • You will be responsible for listing and managing your products, pricing, and inventories.
  • You will be required to properly manage your stock to avoid cancellations and promptly inform HOG Furniture of a change in price or quantity of products.
  • You will be required to follow up with customers on orders to confirm and clarify orders.
  • You will be required to maintain a constant communication with HOG furniture to update us if you are hosting a clearance, sales promotion, and other campaigns for proper synergy.
  • Assembly of product – It is your responsibility to assemble products you deliver if required within your reach as it endears customers to you


Contracts & Projects

We shall offer our merchants the opportunity to bid for contract & Project opportunities. However, the mode of operation shall be;

  1. Where there is a demand for a quote for your product or service, you shall be contacted and given the necessary details to go and pitch for the job.
  2. Once you have obtained the brief from the customer and a quotation is required, you are to submit such quote to us and we shall forward the quote in a Proforma Invoice format to the customer and a copy will be sent to you the merchant.
  3. Once the quote is approved and a deposit is paid, the merchant shall be advanced 50% of the deposit and the balance upon completion of the contract.
  4. Such offers are open to those especially in the platinum category.
  5. The commission category the merchant is placed as at the time of the offer is not negotiable, and therefore applies to all orders, contracts and projects.


Taxes : You shall be responsible for all your trade taxes like VAT, Withholding Tax etc



  1. 50 TO 75% Deposit required for production jobs above N200,000
  2. 50 TO 75% Deposit for orders over N200,000
  3. 50% of deposit will be advance to Merchants in the Premium category to enable production
  4. Delivery is a dual responsibility of both Partners. i.e either of the partners can effect delivery where it is suitable
  5. Hog Furniture responsibility is to source and bring customers to merchants and ensure delivery is made
  6. Partners responsibility is to liaise with customers to clarify on product request after receiving confirmation notice from Hog Furniture
  7. When advance for production is granted to partners and the customer rejects the product, the amount so advanced will stand as a credit in Hog furniture favour for future transactions
  8. It is the responsibility of the partners to list products online and manage their stock position
  9. When there is an order and the product is not available, it is the partners responsibility to inform the customer on time by recommending alternative product and Hog Furniture on time
  10. All unfulfilled orders as a result of stock out, the commission will be charged to the partners account.
  11. There are 2 classifications for partners, Premium and Classic.
  12. Premium customers are those that have met any of the above criteria.
    1. over 90% delivery and product quality rate,
    2. Have established production facilities
    3. they are qualified for advance deposit for production jobs
  13. Where merchant is recommended by HOG furniture and such is required to do a site visit and provide an estimate cost, such merchant will forward the proforma invoice to HOG furniture and HOG presents the invoice to the customer and reverts to the merchant with the conclusion of the customer.
  14. Subscription charges applies for extra services like access to extra staff account, sms alert for orders received
  15.   Where an order (either production or retail) is received and the partner or merchant do not have the capacity to handle the request, the ONUS is on Hog furniture to offer such jobs or orders to other partners listed on the site
  16. Where a partner has exhibited consistent failure to deliver products on time couple with persistent poor quality and bad reviews, the Partner will be blacklisted and the site will be shut down.



  1. All glass shipment should be caged with wood.
  2. All cabinet whether wood or metal parts should be put together and fastened with a cello tape to the body of the cabinet, same goes for table etc.
  3. All items to be shipped must first be inspected for dents, tear or scratch, missing parts before being shipped.
  4. All item with carton must be reinforced with more carton and nylon to avoid tear and loss of parts on the way.
  5. Where these rules are not being followed, the merchant in charge will bear the cost of refund or repair.


Registration policy

  • The merchant will have the opportunity to sell their products on the platform after completing his registration process which includes providing details of his business as stated below
    • Identity proof – Passport, National ID, Driving License or any other valid means of identification.
    • Address proof – Utility Bill (rent or electricity bills)
    • Business Registration proof – CAC Certificate.
    • Bank Verification no - BVN


Original Product Policy

The sales of inferior or low-quality products on HOG Furniture is highly prohibited and can lead to legal actions being taken against you if confirmed to be selling these products by the relevant authority. Kindly visit SON website to view specification for each product.


Suspension Policy

As a merchant, you store can be suspended for the following reasons;

  • Shipping wrong items or items different from what was listed on the website to a customer.
  • Delivering faulty items to customers
  • Delay in response to issues that affects a customer's experience.
  • High Volume of cancelled orders
  • Lack of payment of overdue commission

Store Closure Policy

  • Inactive Store
  • Shipping substandard products
  • Shipping used or refurbished products
  • Non-payment of long & overdue commission(s).
  • For more information on how to sell on HOG Furniture, see our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.


For more information on how to promote your store to reach more prospects and generate great sales for your business, view our RATE CARD. If you need support or require help with anything on your seller hub account page, simply send us an email


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