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We have outlined some great affiliate marketing strategies/tips you can use to drive more sales and increase your commission/earnings on our affiliate program.

  1. Write Reviews.

Writing reviews is a potent working strategy and from our standpoint, we think it’s the best affiliate marketing tip. Here you’re talking about a product on just one page or social media post and this will give your readers more insight on the product you’re reviewing. If you really want to get the best out of reviews then you must mention the features of the products you’re promoting (pros and cons), another way is to also compare your products with competitors as it’ll convince your readers into buying the product you’re promoting.

Getting the best out of Reviews, Don’t let the chronological order of your blog drown your reviews in the oceans of your archive instead you can use these little tips to make your reviews visible to your visitors and if you are posting on the social media, endeavour to use related trending Hashtags to your posts.

Creating a special category for reviews is the first thing you must consider. Use a rating plugin to rate the product you’re reviewing, the number of stars determines the quality of the product. If you own a website hosted with WordPress, there are few plugins that do this magic such as Author Review, This can be configured to display recent reviews on sidebar. The more visible your reviews (and affiliate links in general) the higher the chance of making more sales.

  1. Use Affiliate Links on your Post

Yes sure, this may sound a little cliché but we still have to include it for formality sake and to waste some white space too :) LOL,  Instead of using direct links on products you’re recommending, try as much as possible to use your affiliate links no matter how small the commission is. In fact selling a product of #5000 naira is easier than selling a product of #100,000 naira. The price of a product doesn’t actually matter, if you’ve used a product, you can recommend it to your readers regardless of how cheap or expensive it is, it all depends on the quality of the product you’re promoting. Try to cultivate the habit of blending your affiliate links in your blog post and don’t depend on reviews only.  Most importantly, it helps the system to link a sale to you.

  1. Email Marketing

The money is in the list, that’s a very common saying and I’m sure you know that. Are you building your list the right way? The best way to do this is to use “opt-in or sign up for deals” forms around your blog and bait your visitors with an offer they can’t afford not to bite. One thing I noticed about email marketing is that if you promote an affiliate product, you’ll make some sales followed by a high rate of unsubscribes (5% – 10% or more). Don’t use your list as a money making machine by bombarding your subscribers with products but minimise the interval and build your subscriber’s trust first by giving them tips, send them your new blog updates & giveaways and so on.


  1. Make Use of Banners

Another advantage is making use of banners on your blog, it could be your sidebar, footer, above your content or header. The good part is that for social media buffs, you may post these banners on your pages with a creatively cute caption and hashtags. You can get the banners of affiliate products in the "creatives" tab of your dashboard and implement the code on your blog. Do you know that banners do get the highest click through rate than other tips mentioned above? This is due to its attractive pictures and descriptions and it works more if those pictures keep changing with interesting offers. 



You will be making a great mistake by underestimating the power of your social media platforms and handles. In case you don’t know, many sales are referred through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the likes.

To get the best of social media marketing, a simple way to start is by sharing a great product to your timeline and fixing in your affiliate link in place of the URL where they could get the product. Or simply click the Facebook icon near your referral links in your affiliates control panel.


Do you have questions or need further help?

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