HOG - Home. Office. Garden is an online marketplace shopping destination for home wares, office furnishing and outdoor furniture for your lounge and garden.

Hog Furniture Ltd. incorporated in January 2009 as grown into a significant member of the Vanaplus Group.

Imagine looking for where you have all the pieces of furniture, furnishing, interior & exterior décor items you need for your home, office, and garden at your fingertips; and all you need to do is to simply place your orders online and get them delivered to your doorstep. Stress-free, isn’t it?

Our Categories is rich with original furniture sets from top brands which gives us a wide range of products at very best prices.

 Some of our popular categories include: Living room, Bedroom, Bar, Bathroom, Dining, Kitchen, Office space, Conference room, Reception & Workstation and outdoor 

To make your shopping experience worthwhile, there are also added services like seasonal promotion campaigns across different categories and bulk purchases with a tracking tool to track your order.

We also offer special ₦2,500 shipping rate for customers in Lagos and Ogun. With the bulk purchase option, you can enjoy low shipping rates, discounted prices and flexible payment.

Why you should look nowhere else for your furniture needs.

  1. Quality Assured– At HOG, your mind is at rest as you can be assured of quality products. All furniture items are renowned brands which are durable and affordable.
  2. Fast & Reliable Delivery Nationwide– HOG ensures that your items are delivered in good condition directly to your home or office in record time at affordable rates no matter the size and weight without breaking the bank.
  3. Cash on Delivery Payment Option– There are several options for  paying for what you want to purchase but this option is made available to ease your worries. You will be able to see what you ordered before making the cash payment.

I am sure you like that and it’s as easy as ABC. If you do choose to make a payment in advance with internet banking or a debit card, you can do so with confidence as our return policy and warranty covers you in case anything goes wrong you can be assured of a refund, repair, or replacement.

  1. Free Set-up and Routine MaintenanceHOG offers maintenance and installing services so you won’t have to worry about finding the right people to set-up your home, office or garden furniture.

HOG also offer interior kitchen design on specifications, general consultancy services as well as refurbishing services.

  1. Excellent Customer ServiceHOG has an exceptional customer service where all your queries can be answered timely and effectively via live chat on the website.

For inquiry or feedbacks, kindly send us an email at info@hogfurniture.com.ng

Thank You for choosing HOG - Home. Office. Garden, we hope you enjoy your experience with us.



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