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Furnishing becomes really sweat-less when you can buy now and pay in installments. Are you a young guy seeking to furnish your new space in the midst of other things? A parent in need of furniture and furnishing for your home, garden and décor items? Did you just open an office and would love to pay in installments for the furniture and furnishings ? With HOG Easy Pay, you can have it the way you want.

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Save ₦8,300.00
Bahamas Swivel Bar Chair - Set of 3
Bahamas Swivel Bar Chair - Set of 3
Sale price₦80,700.00 NGN Regular price₦89,000.00 NGN
Save ₦4,423.00
Alvar series Extra; 6-seater dining set -BlackAlvar series Extra; 6-seater dining set -Black
Alvar series Extra; 6-seater dining set -Black
Sale priceFrom ₦143,016.99 NGN Regular price₦147,439.99 NGN
Save ₦20,000.00
Designer L Shape Fabric Sofa Set
Designer L Shape Fabric Sofa Set
Sale price₦168,900.00 NGN Regular price₦188,900.00 NGN
Save ₦7,500.00
The Artful Noguchi Coffee Table
The Artful Noguchi Coffee Table
Sale price₦75,000.00 NGN Regular price₦82,500.00 NGN
Save ₦1,000.00
Day & Night BlindsDay & Night Blinds
Day & Night Blinds
Sale price₦9,500.00 NGN Regular price₦10,500.00 NGN
Madison Park Arm ChairMadison Park Arm Chair
Madison Park Arm Chair
Sale price₦64,800.00 NGN

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Save ₦1,524.01
Charles Eames Bar ChairCharles Eames Bar Chair
Charles Eames Bar Chair
Sale price₦49,275.99 NGN Regular price₦50,800.00 NGN
Save ₦51,700.00
4 Seater Cubicles Workstation with Storage
4 Seater Cubicles Workstation with Storage
Sale price₦746,300.00 NGN Regular price₦798,000.00 NGN
Save ₦4,800.00
Mesh Swivel ChairErgonomic Mesh Chairs
Ergonomic Mesh Chairs
Sale price₦75,000.00 NGN Regular price₦79,800.00 NGN
Save ₦10,250.00
1.2 Meter Office Desk1.2 Meter Office Desk
1.2 Meter Office Desk
Sale price₦122,250.00 NGN Regular price₦132,500.00 NGN
Save ₦120,500.00
Massage Chair (BP1300-1)
Massage Chair (BP1300-1)
Sale price₦528,000.00 NGN Regular price₦648,500.00 NGN
Save ₦26,000.00
2 Seater Workstation - BG394
2 Seater Workstation - BG394
Sale price₦230,800.00 NGN Regular price₦256,800.00 NGN


Do you have priceless or antique Home, Office or Outdoor furniture, or decor items that you no longer need, why not list them for AUCTION. HOG Auction Service takes care of this without stress. Learn more.

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Hiring Artisans comes with a lot of challenges from competency to reliability, honesty and integrity. Hog now connects her clients with competent and reliable professional artisans within Lagos and Ogun State. Learn more..

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Save ₦87.00
Artificial Lawn Grass-10mm
Artificial Lawn Grass-10mm
Sale price₦2,822.99 NGN Regular price₦2,909.99 NGN
Save ₦1,650.01
32" Outdoor Patio Table32" Outdoor Patio Table
32" Outdoor Patio Table
Sale price₦53,349.99 NGN Regular price₦55,000.00 NGN
Save ₦5,800.00
Folding Chair CopacabanaFolding Chair Copacabana
Folding Chair Copacabana
Sale price₦97,700.00 NGN Regular price₦103,500.00 NGN
Save ₦75,200.00
Keter Bar Table And Cooler ComboKeter Bar Table And Cooler Combo
Keter Bar Table And Cooler Combo
Sale price₦134,800.00 NGN Regular price₦210,000.00 NGN
Save ₦1,167.19
Malibu Arm Chair without cushionMalibu Arm Chair without cushion
Malibu Arm Chair without cushion
Sale price₦16,656.25 NGN Regular price₦17,823.44 NGN
Swimming Poolside Lounger Bed
Swimming Poolside Lounger Bed
Sale price₦110,000.00 NGN

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Save ₦2,986.00
Artificial Bonsai Flower with Pot (BIG)Artificial Bonsai Flower with Pot (BIG)
Artificial Bonsai Flower with Pot (BIG)
Sale price₦6,014.00 NGN Regular price₦9,000.00 NGN
Medline Steel RollatorMedline Steel Rollator
Medline Steel Rollator
Sale price₦64,800.00 NGN
Elpine 14'' Floor Fan
Elpine 14'' Floor Fan
Sale price₦29,900.00 NGN
Fried Egg Kitchen ClockFried Egg Kitchen Clock
Fried Egg Kitchen Clock
Sale priceFrom ₦4,300.00 NGN

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