Wow!!! What a contest! As they say, everything that has a beginning must surely have an end.
In furtherance of the above, and, for transparency purposes, it’s our pleasure to inform you that two winners has emerged from these below sections:
A. likes and comments from the initial entry and after the number tag;
B. and of course how compelling their stories.
So, here are the collated entries from the contestants. Kindly note that the below data are according to the time and day judges sat on them.

CONTESTANT 21 - #Uzoechichinasa
Likes: 235

CONTESTANT 22 - #Maxwellakhabue
Likes: 13
Comments: 0

CONTESTANT 23 - #Frankedward421
Likes: 525

CONTESTANT 17 - #Vicdelguy
Likes: 2, 472
Comments: 22

CONTESTANT 18 - #Chinye21
Likes: 40

CONTESTANT 19 - #Ileridunni
Likes: 14
Comments: 0

CONTESTANT 20 - #Vickylawrence95
Comments: 0

CONTESTANT 13 - #onye luck
Likes: 11
Comments: 3

CONTESTANT 14 - #ehiohofaithfulness
Likes: 215
Comments: 67

CONTESTANT 15 - #Oluwakemmy_ayaola_kemmited2013
Likes: 6
Comments: 2

CONTESTANT 16 - #Queenarabanko
Likes: 28
Comments: 6

CONTESTANT 9 - #Vickysuccess1
Likes: 135
Comments: 66

CONTESTANT 10 - #Mira_Best14
Likes: 9
Comments: 4

CONTESTANT 11 - #Symply.omotoshan
Likes: 49
Comments: 4

CONTESTANT 12 - #Kelexpus
Likes: 13
Comments: 2

CONTESTANT 5 - #Iam_preachOn-20
Likes: 351
Comments: 6

CONTESTANT 6 - #I_amcherishbela1
Likes: 16
Comments: 2

CONTESTANT 7 - #Sundaychristian.14
Likes: 486
Comments: 44

Likes: 3
Comments: 0

CONTESTANT 1 - #Stellaikwoma
Likes: 143
Comments: 42

CONTESTANT 2 - #Preach_on20
Likes: 305
Comments: 158

CONTESTANT 3 - #Unique.dammie 2
Likes: 128
Comments: 38

- #Frosh_amazing_love

1265 points


465 points

@Uka Mary-Ann

65 points

@Rachael Godwin

410 points


65 points

@Grace Godwin

65 points


140 points

@Ngozi Obiajulu

250 points


75 points


10 points


267 points


114 points


135 points


320 points


65 points


640 points


35 points


278 points


35 points


364 points


35 points


35 points



@Digy's Place

50 Total Score


105 Total Score

@Godwin Victory

535 Total Score

@Prince Timak

76 Total Score

@Elias Omobolanle Funmilayo

205 Total Score


5 Total Score

@Christian Enyer1

79 Total Score


110 Total Score


480 Total Score


45 Total Score

@Ngozi Obiajulu

35 Total Score


30 Total Score

@Miracle Phillip

138 Total Score


20 Total Score


285 Total Score


0 Total Score


15 Total Score

  • Fathers are the Superheroes without Cape; the shoulders that help us with the weights, the hands that forms us through the journeys of life. Let's celebrate the Fathers in our life.

  • This year's Father's day slated for 16th of June, 2019 is another time to celebrate the Fathers and the Father figures we have in our lives
    HogFurniture Fathers' Day Contest (MYDADMYHERO 2019) would last for 2 weeks 1st - 16th June, 2019.

To win the Grand prize for the Father's Day Contest, do the following tasks:


  •   -Upload a picture of your Dad on your Timeline and Tag HOGFurniture with the Hashtags @hogfurniture #fathersday2019 #myDadmyHero #HOGfurniture
  •   -Tell us a story of WHAT MAKES YOUR DAD YOUR HERO
  •   -Tag your father (if on social media)
  • Invite friends for engagements on our REPOST




Winner with Prize received

Ubong Udoh Solomon

825 Engagements


Ubong Udoh Solomon

825 Engagements

Ubong Udoh Solomon

825 Engagements

Asogwa Chukwuebuka

610 Engagements

Eluemelem Cybil

50 Engagements

Ekene Arthur Eruchalu

268 Engagements


57 Engagements


94 Engagements


60 Engagements


18 Engagements


14 Engagements

Victoria Chinwe

91 Engagements

Uka Mary-Ann Oluchi

95 Engagements


675 Engagements


206 Engagements


164 Engagements


49 Engagements

Uguba Ndubuisi Uguba

85 Engagement


22 Engagements


13 Engagements

Potential Queen Klove

6 Engagements

Elias Omobolanle Funmilayo

11 Engagements


147 Engagements

Damini Gupita

34 Engagements

Mum is Bae- Mothers' day contest 2019
Mum is Bae- Mothers' day contest 2019

Mothers are one of the very best gifts to society as such, celebrating them cannot be overemphasized.
This year's mother's day which would be celebrated on the 31st of March is another time to celebrate the mothers and the mother figures we have in our lives
HogFurniture mothers' Day Contest (MUM IS BAE 2019) would last for 2 weeks 13th - 27th March 2019. To win the Grand prize of Celebrating your Mum, you just have to do the following:

  1. Upload a picture of you and your Mum
  2. Tag us on all Social Media Platforms @hogfurniture #HOGfurniture #mumisbae
  3. Get your friends to like, share, comment on our repost and also tag their friends to see what you have done.

The picture with the highest engagement wins the Grand Prize of "Personalized Family Wall Canvas"

First Runner-Up

Ebuka Samson (339 Engagements)


Ekene Arthur Eruchalu (359 Engagements)

Second Runner-Up

Mhiz Pinez Emerie (333 Engagements)

515 Engagements

Christian Enyeribe

My mon is a mentor a teacher a talented woman i love her very much ♥️♥️😍😍😍😁✨✨🇳🇬🇳🇬

26 Engagements

Martha Solomon

My mum is bae... I thank God for giving me such a virtuous woman as my you always nnem....

110 Engagements

Gbolly Rahman

Mama is my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. Mother's love is the best love.....

359 Engagements

Ekene Arthur Eruchalu

242 Engagements


Momi Mz Bree Confirm the Leg work as Hit song 😂 😍 💃

29 Engagements


1556 Engagements


100 Engagements


Me and my mom

1021 Engagements


15 Engagements

Adenike Omoba

68 Engagements


I am the luckiest to have u as my mum. U re my world best.

339 Engagements

Ebuka Samson

My mama is a very strong woman
She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and she is the true definition of love .

139 Engagements

Adora Rita Nwele

28 Engagement


242 Engagements


I am the luckiest to have u as my mum. U re my world best..

227 Engagements


128 Engagements

Godwin Victory

333 Engagements

Mhiz Pinez Emerie

6 Engagements


Me and my Sweet Mum💕💕💕. She has been my backbone for ages! Always there to support me. I love u mum. Mum is BAE.

23 Engagements

Rita Joe-Wesley Finnest Mum

I am the luckiest grandchild in the world because God has blessed me with the world’s most wonderful Granny.