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Sofa and Couch-What you need to know

Sofa and Couch-What you need to know 0

Though not that very distinct; A sofa and a couch has some notable differences. This implies despite their similarities; we can’t deny that a few differences do exist. It is an undeniable fact that quite a lot of people think and use both words as synonyms but they have a few different characteristics. Discussing their...
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Survey- Mattress buyers will pay more for certified polyurethane foam

Survey- Mattress buyers will pay more for certified polyurethane foam 0

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. – Mattress buyers say they are more likely to purchase a mattress that contains a CertiPur-US-certified flexible polyurethane foam, a survey reveals.

The research, conducted through an independent SurveyGizmo consumer panel for the CertiPur-US program, found that nine out of 10 recent or upcoming mattress buyers said they were more likely to purchase a mattress that contains CertiPur-US-certified flexible polyurethane foam. 

More than 90% of those surveyed said they were willing to pay more to ensure the foam was certified. Forty-six percent said they were willing to pay $50 or more, and 30% would pay more than $75 extra. 

“It’s clear that consumers feel that a quality mattress is a key to a good night’s sleep, but this survey also shows they value certified foam and are willing to pay more for it,” said Michael Crowell, executive director of the CertiPur-US program. 

The online survey respondents, randomly selected from a SurveyGizmo consumer panel, were limited to those who had purchased a mattress within the past 12 months or were planning to purchase in the next 12 months. Among the survey’s goals were to gauge buyers’ receptivity to the concept of certified foam for those not aware of it and discover their propensity to purchase a mattress containing certified foam. 

The survey found that an uncomfortable mattress was the second most-cited answer when respondents were asked what was the biggest factor on nights when they had trouble sleeping. Temperature — being too hot or too cold — was the No. 1 reason. Aches and pains, general life stress, and screen time also ranked high. Only 4% said they usually didn’t have trouble sleeping. 

Nearly all respondents (99%) said the quality of their mattress was important to getting a good night’s sleep, with 84% of those saying it was very important. 

When asked to rank what mattered most when deciding to purchase a mattress, comfort was the top answer, followed by price. “Materials the mattress is made of” ranked third, followed by warranty, brand name, the appearance of mattress, customer/user reviews, made without chemicals of concern, return policy and delivery speed, in that order. 

More than half of recent and future mattress buyers (55%) considered themselves very knowledgeable or knowledgeable about mattress materials. Forty-five percent admitted they were not knowledgeable. 

The top three places, in order, cited by respondents about where they learn about mattress materials were: manufacturer or retailer websites; health/consumer/home websites; and tied for third, information on mattresses/labels at the point of purchase and past experience.  

For those respondents who had purchased a mattress online in the past year, top answers were department store website (31%), a site that sells only mattresses (22%), and Amazon (19%). For those purchasing in a store, top answers were mattress specialty store (43%), department store (21%), furniture store (15%) and big box store (15%). 

Ninety-five percent of respondents agree it was important or very important for the salesperson they were working with to be knowledgeable about the foam in the mattress. 

Nearly all (96%) of the recent mattress buyers surveyed said they were very satisfied or satisfied with their mattress. 

More respondents (41%) said they were aware of CertiPur-US certification, far outpacing other certification program options presented.  

At the conclusion of the survey and after reading a short description of the CertiPur-US program, mattress shoppers’ receptivity about foam certification increased significantly, with 88% saying it would be important or very important to purchase a mattress containing CertiPur-US certified foam. 

CertiPur-US is a certification program for flexible polyurethane foam used in bedding and upholstered furniture that is administered by a nonprofit organization. Certified foams meet CertiPur-US standards for content, emissions, and durability, and are analyzed by independent, accredited laboratories. 

The survey can be downloaded at



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Ergonomic Chairs That Will Help You To Lose Weight

Ergonomic Chairs That Will Help You To Lose Weight 0

If you have a conventional 8 hour day job and have to sit for hours to attend online calls, webinars, and answer emails. And, if you suffer from acute back pain, then it is recommended to invest in such chairs that can alleviate your back pain and make improve your posture and body weight.

When we work from home or office, we end up sitting for hours without any change in our position. This can put excessive pressure on our spine and make us gain weight due to lack of mobility. Therefore, an ergonomic design chair can help you significantly to improve your posture and stay fit without having to go for an adult add test.

If you keep on putting undue stress on your back, then you might experience constant fatigue and tiredness. This can prevent you from working out or do strenuous HIIT workouts.

Ergonomic chairs are designed by experts and help people with back pain issues, especially seniors with arthritis to stay fit and sit comfortably without giving excessive pressure on their back.

The following some significant benefits of having ergonomic chairs instead of conventional chairs at work and home.

You can use these chairs for various weight loss workouts

A poorly designed chair can cause severe back problems. Due to this reason, a lot of people end up developing a poor body posture due to a lack of physical activity and using poorly designed chairs. An ergonomic design chair, on the other hand, prevents backache problems and poor body postures from worsening. The great thing about these chairs is the fact that you can use them for various workouts as well. You can use these chairs for doing Pilates, chair yoga, HIIT workouts and a lot more.

They have all the essential features that are needed for improving your body posture

These chairs are specially designed by consulting professional health experts and contain all the essential features that are needed for improving your body posture. These chairs usually come with a soft and comfortable headrest along with a backrest to give you support and improve your body posture. Also, many ergonomic chair designs come with the option of changing their heights. This will help you to practice various weight loss exercises with ease.


You can improve your overall health and feel less tired .

According to health experts, the best way to sit for long hours on a chair is with your both feet placed flat with knees positioned at a 90 degrees angle with your hip hips facing parallel to your knees. By making these simple changes in your body posture, you can improve your overall health and feel less tired and sleepy.

A poorly designed chair can lead to a slouchy back

Due to a bad body posture caused by poorly designed chairs, you can develop a slouchy back. It can make you experience other health problems like cervical pain and migraines. Moreover, it can affect your height if you are still in your teens. Since most people develop their height in their early teen years, a poorly designed chair can change their elevation to a great extent.

Ergonomic chairs are more comfortable and economical than conventional chairs

Contrary to the general perception, ergonomic chairs are more comfortable and economical than conventional chairs. They can be used for practicing different weight loss exercises. Moreover, unlike regular chairs, ergonomic chairs come with numerous features and options to adjust it according to the body type and height of different users. These chairs can be adjusted and modified easily until the user is entirely comfortable.

Ergonomic chairs prevent various health problems and diseases

As mentioned earlier, ergonomic chairs prevent various health problems and diseases like cervical pain, arthritis, etc. By sitting on regular chairs for long hours, people experience muscle spasms and soreness. This may cause the affected area to swell up. However, chairs with an ergonomic design come with a proper headrest that helps you maintain a proper posture throughout the day.

Therefore, whether you are working from the office or your home, you will never experience back pain ever again if you invest in a high-quality ergonomic chair. These chairs are specially designed to naturally adjust according to the shape of your back and spine.

To sum up

Unlike conventional office chairs, ergonomic chairs can easily support your entire back. Regular chairs are usually made of hard material. Therefore, when people use regular chairs for different workouts, they might experience poor blood circulation leading to excessive pain on their legs and feet.

Apart from using ergonomic chairs for work and practicing different workouts, you can use these chairs for studying, playing computer games, reading books and a lot more! Once you start using these chairs, you will be able to complete your task in less time. Therefore, it is safe to say that these chairs improve your overall productivity levels by reducing unnecessary pressure on your back, thighs, hips, and feet.


Umer Ishfaq 

He is passionate about Digital Marketing. Along with educational backgrounds in Software Engineering, he is bridging gaps between the marketing and development departments. At Techvando, he has been consulting brands all over Pakistan to gain online traffic and profitable leads. 

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10 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying a New Mattress

10 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying a New Mattress 0

Buying a new mattress or replacing the old one is a long term investment as you will spend a good half of your time sleeping on that mattress. Rather than getting baffled and squandering your cash, it is smarter to settle on certain choices before choosing a mattress. Most individuals spend about 7 to 8 hours sleeping on the mattress, so take as much time as is needed and settle on an intelligent and sensible choice. While deciding to buy a new mattress, there are multiple thoughts that come to the mind, i.e. cost-related, comfort-related, etc. that ruins their hunt for the mattress and they end up purchasing a product that not only gives them dissatisfaction but also leaves them potentially in pain for several years. One should realise and understand the importance of a mattress as one spends most of his/her time on the mattress. It is crucial that you give enough of your time while looking for a mattress. Here we have collected some helpful tips for you to avoid mistakes while purchasing a quality mattress:

1- Not Testing The Mattress

Remember, it’s very important that you test the mattress you want to purchase. By testing, literally you should sleep on the mattress in every possible position. This will help you in assessing the mattress effectively. Make sure to take a couple of moments to look at the mattress in the position you sleep in the bed while on your mattress at home.

2- Not Knowing Your Sleep Type

Sleep is the most ideal approach to refresh yourself. Everyone sleeps in a different way. It implies the purchasers must comprehend their sleeping patterns and should not choose an ordinary mattress. Inform the salesperson about your personal requirements, so he can propose the right product for you.

You can also Check amazing bedroom furniture ranging from small double beds to stylish bedroom wardrobes.

3- Buying on Someone Else Advice

Various individuals have various needs so don't expect that if it's beneficial for them it will be beneficial for you as well. Every one of us is different and unique and has different tastes. One individual's injured shoulder, hip, or back may need a particular degree of support, stiffness, or softness out of their mattress that their partner or family member may not require. Just remember that just as food, how great it tastes is subjective to the person who is eating it, the mattress and its comfort is also subjective to the individual needs.

4- Price and comfort

It is a typical belief that costly mattresses are made of high-quality materials. Remember that high rates don't give surety of the most amazing comfort. It is seen that some expensive mattress manufacturers have gotten the most noteworthy ratio of clients' dissatisfaction. Investing several dollars doesn't imply that you will be given the product that suits your body and sleeps pattern. Rather than depending on price, take as much time as is needed and look for the most appropriate item.

5- More Layers Do not Mean More Relaxation

On the off chance that you are choosing a memory foam, don't expect that extra layers will give you more support and comfort. The vast majority of the memory foams have two or three layers. The heaviest layer supports the shape of the mattress, whereas the top layer is intended to increase the comfort level. It is recommended to choose a two-layer mattress and give more consideration to its quality.

6- Role of Coils

Despite the fact that the number of coils is related to the quality of the sleeping mattress, nonetheless, coils can't be the fundamental factor while checking the quality. The sturdiness and reliability of a mattress are affected by the number of coils, their structure, number of wires in each coil and thickness. It is smarter to settle on a choice without giving value to coils.

7- Not All Companies Have The Same Quality

A few stores because of their buying power can direct what goes in their mattresses for better or mostly for worse. Truly this accomplishes more to improve overall revenues rather than improve mattress support and solace. It's our opinion that the item as designed and created by the manufacturer will be more comfortable, strong, and reliable for the shopper making it a buyer's best purchase.

8- Get Benefit of Test Period

The mattress manufacturers typically offer a 1 to 3 month time for testing. While purchasing, get details of trial period terms and conditions. Always keep in mind that your body requires some time in order to get adjusted with a completely new mattress, so don't dismiss a mattress in a hurry.

9- Not taking care of the mattress

While shopping for mattresses, the salesman will urge you to add a mattress protector cover to your buy. It is true to the degree that he/she is just marketing the product. However, these covers or protectors fill in as basic gear for your mattress. Not only will they get your bedding far from undesirable spills or body fluids, but it will likewise avoid staining and in this manner keep the mattress well protected. Taking good care of your mattress and maintaining it well will not only keep it in hygienic condition but also help in general performance and life of the mattress.

10- Trusting Online Reviews And rating Too Much

Amazon and other such online services, in many ways, are marvelous since they give a commercial center to many contending mattress brands. Every product page, as a rule, usually comes with comprehensive product descriptions and out pictures, Q&A's, and arguably the most significant viewpoint. The star ratings and reviews. However, these ratings and reviews can not only be confusing but are sometimes completely false.

So, the next time you go out to shop for a mattress keep in mind these tips.



Aslan has experience working in the home decor industry and has written extensively for and various publications. As a former interior designer and event organizer, he has a real passion for balanced, modern and beautiful interiors with a  punch of color.



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Questions to ask when choosing a coffee table

Questions to ask when choosing a coffee table 0

Asides sofa, living room furniture is incomplete without coffee tables. The living room coffee tables, usually mounted at the centre of the room, come in different varieties. In order not to have a hard time making your selection, you need to ask the five questions below:

1. What do you need?

Keep in mind that the living room and family room coffee tables are used differently. The latter, which is used more often, stays rough. Depending on the decoration of the living room, you might want to opt for a formal or informal coffee table. Glass coffee tables with delicate surfaces are better placed in the living room. However, glass tops are not ideal for family rooms because of their fragility. They are also prone to scratches and finger marks. The ones without frames with sharp corners can cause accidents especially when children are involved because they have sharp corners. For the family room, you may want to go for rugged coffee tables probably with drawers.

2. What is its use?

 It is not unusual to use the coffee table as the centerpiece of the room. When the coffee table serves this purpose, ensure that its style, material, size, surface colour, and surface finish stand out.

3. Which material is preferable?

There are several choices of coffee table material to choose from. With wood taking the lead, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should go for this. Examine your room and other furniture to know what works best. Naturally glass and clear acrylic make a small room look bigger. While stone, acrylic, metal, and glass transform the modern room, darker wood such as walnut or mahogany materials looks better in a traditional room. Leather is durable and can work well in a variety of settings. You should consider the durability of the material especially when you have toddlers.

4. What kind of shape and size works best?

The seat configuration is important when determining the shape and size of the coffee table. A rectangular or oval coffee table works best for smaller rooms. Square and round coffee tables work best with large seating arrangements. Then round or oval tables are a better option for children because they don’t have sharp edges. In determining the size, consider the scale and actual measurements. One tip is to select a coffee table that is no more than two-thirds of the sofa’s total length. It should be of the same height as the seat of the sofa. Remember to leave some space around the coffee table for the legs.

5. Would it have additional functionality?

The functionality of the coffee table depends on its usage. While most coffee tables have flat surfaces on base, there are other features. Go for coffee tables with additional shelves, drawers, or compartments particularly for other purposes.

What other questions would you ask yourself?

 Share your view in the comment box.

Akpo Patricia Uyeh

Shes a multimedia freelance journalist/ Blogger, who works with Allure Vanguard presently. She is a well-versed journalist who has attended many conferences, workshops and training.  

She is passionate about youth empowerment, women and children’s rights as well as journalism. She holds a Master’s degree in Regional Planning and Development from the University of Lagos, Akoka.

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5 reasons waste bins are useful for trash removal

5 reasons waste bins are useful for trash removal 0

Humans are bound to dispose of wastes whether in solid or liquid form. As long as they harbor in any space, there would be a need for them to make away with all forms of garbage. While waste bins are placed to gather trash in one place until removal, they also serve other functions. These include: 

1. For recycling

In advanced countries, the use of waste bins promotes recycling. Modern recycling relies on different waste containers for various purposes. The waste bins are usually multi-coloured and are used differently. For instance, blue is for glasses, green for organic wastes, etc.

2. For security purposes

Waste bins provide security for trash. That way, they won’t be unsafe for stray animals to scavenge on. They are usually attracted to the trash by their scent so they would not have a hard time tearing apart and trash especially if they are in polythene bags. When improperly handled, the stray animals easily litter the leftovers all over the place. However, with waste bins, the scenario is different; they won’t have the ability to scatter the trash. Hence, trash remains safe until the appropriate authorities come to collect and remove them.

3. For environmental sanitation

Waste bins prevent environmental hazards by keeping the neighbourhood clean and tidy. Their absence can result to health complications arising from improper disposal of wastes which is accompanied by the stench. By keeping wastes locked in bins, environmental hazards can be controlled, lives are not endangered and people can live clean.

4. For Hygiene

As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. A clean environment translates to a healthy environment. When the appropriate authorities should collect wastes in one place, the environment becomes more eco-friendly, clean and better organized.

5. For money-saving

Waste bins are made from different materials for different purposes. Having the right waste bins save one time and money in the long run. The size of your waste bin determines the size of waste deposits. You are more likely to reduce your wastes daily to the size of the waste bin. They could be steel, metal or plastic materials, press steel or other materials. Different wastes need to be stored to prevent leakages and the environment.

What do you think? Talk to us from the comment box.

Akpo Patricia Uyeh

Shes a multimedia freelance journalist/ Blogger, who works with Allure Vanguard presently. She is a well-versed journalist who has attended many conferences, workshops and training. 

She is passionate about youth empowerment, women and children’s rights as well as journalism. She holds a Master’s degree in Regional Planning and Development from the University of Lagos, Akoka.

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