Free Shipping Within Lagos & Ogun State | HOG Easy Pay In Installments Available

Furnishing becomes really sweat-less when you can buy now and pay in installments. Are you a young guy seeking to furnish your new space in the midst of other things? A parent in need of furniture and furnishing for your home, garden and decor items? Did you just open an office and would love to pay in installments for the furniture and furnishings ? With HOG Easy Pay, you can have it the way you want.

HOG Easy Pay gives you a spending minimum of 50,000.00.

  1. The interest rate is 4% flat (monthly) for amounts within ₦50,000999,000 and  30% per annum for ₦1,000,000.00 and above.

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How HOG Easy Pay Works

  1. 1. Go to to identify the name and SKU number of the product(s) of your interest.
  3. 2. Go to to fill the application form. You will get a response on your application within 3 working days of submission
  5. 3. If approved, you will get an email directing you to pay the upfront deposit and shipping fee with your card or bank account online
  7. 4. Once you’ve paid the deposit, your order is processed and will be delivered within a few days.
  9. 5. After the first month, you will be automatically debited every 30 days for the unpaid balance, for the next 3,6, 12 or 24 months depending on the plan you choose and the amount.
  • Lending Tenor : ₦50,000₦500,000.00 (3 OR 6months)

                                  : ₦500,001₦999,000 (maximum tenor of 10months)

                                  : 1,000,000.00 & above (maximum tenor of 24months)


  1. Interest rate     : 4% flat (monthly) for amounts within 50,000.00 – ₦999,000.00
      1.                               : 30% per annum for 1,000,000.00 and above.


Q-How do I apply for Hog Easy Pay?

A- Visit

Q-Can I negotiate interest and payment plan?

A-You can negotiate your payment plan but not the interest rate.

Q-What is the minimum duration of repayment?

A-The minimum repayment duration is 1 month

Q-Will I get an email showing my repayment balance?

A-Yes, Customers get email showing repayment balance.

Q-Is this opened to customers outside Lagos and Ogun States?

A-For now, Hog Easy pay is opened to Customers within Lagos and Ogun State.