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Top reasons you should use upholstered bedframes

Top reasons you should use upholstered bedframes 0

No doubt, the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word bedroom is a bed. Most people do not know that until you have a bedframe and a mattress, you cannot say you have a bed. Funny right? But it is true.

Due to furniture trends, there are quite a lot of bedframes ranging from the iron bed frame to the plain wooden bedframe and the upholstered which is our focus right now.

By way of introduction, an upholstered bedframe is a bedframe that includes foot and headboard made of materials such as velvet, faux leather, suede or any other materials other than wood.

Upholstered bedframes have become the most sought after these days for so many reasons. Here are a few of those reasons. 


It is provable beyond every reasonable doubt that good sleep has a lot to do with the comfortability of your bed. To have a good sleep, there is a need for your bed to fit your size enough for you to be able to roll from side to side. An upholstered bed would give you all the shades of comfort you desire. One beautiful thing about an upholstered bed is that with the cushion and the other material support, you don’t really need to go for a very expensive mattress to get the kind of comfortable sleep you desire. 

Choose your Colour:

 With a Upholstered bed, you get to chose the colour that suits and blends with both sleeping mood and your bedroom. You can also choose the kind of fabric that would harmonize your bedroom interior. This is just enough as a reason to switch; Don’t you think so? 


As against plain wooden bedframes and iron or metal bedframes, upholstered bedframes look classier and more elegant. So, if you are the type that likes to make a statement of class even in your bedroom; an upholstered bedframe is your go-to.  

Low Maintenance:

Upholstered bedframes are easier to maintain and durable. They are mostly made of more durable wood which makes them stronger and qualified to stand the test of time. The materials used in padding also contributes to their durability. They are very easy to clean and as such attract less stress.   

If you have been using some other bedframes before now; this is the right time to make that switch. You can get a pocket-friendly upholstered bed on HOG and you can even pay on installments if you like.  

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Top uncommon extras for your kitchen

Top uncommon extras for your kitchen 0

You would agree with me that the kitchen is not just one of the most important parts  of a home but the real deal that makes a Home what it is. It is more like the  assembly point for every member of the home including visitors. Making it look the  best is not just to be left as an imagination but should be transformed to reality. 

The kitchen must contain the regulars, your cooker, plate and spoon racks and all  but there are a few uncommon features that can actually turn your kitchen into a  more amusing and comfortable space. 

I have quite a bucket full list of those features but I will mention a few that caught my  fancy most. Let’s go:

1. Cutting Board Slot

For someone like me who likes to bake, fry and do all those kitchen activities meant  to be occasional more often; having more than one cutting board becomes very  important. It would be nice to have not just a space for those beautiful uncommon  utensils but a slot. It would not only make your kitchen look arranged but also elegant, coordinated and mature. I believe you know arrangement and cleanliness are the very regular struggle in a frequently used kitchen. Lol!

2. Pull out Pantry:

Pantries are more like shelves or cabinets that can serve the purpose of extra  storage. One most attractive thing about a pull-out pantry is it helps you to save space while having additional storage. With pull-out pantries, I can have a larger storage in a smaller space and still keep my kitchen neat, and well arranged.

3. Store above your window

I have noticed there can never be enough storage space in a kitchen no matter how  big or maybe I should just speak for myself. Anyways a very creative and uncommon way to add a unique feature to your kitchen while solving this storage issue is to create a store above your window. This wouldn’t take much from you actually; just a little wood work would get this done. I think I should mention this to you; do not cluster the whole space. 

4. Get a hidden workspace

This is my favourite feature. Whoever told you cooking and working simultaneously  is not workable lied. All you need to do is make the workplace hidden and you would  be able to zone in and concentrate on your stuff. What more, if you have kids; you  can get their assignments done while doing things in the kitchen. 

5. Get Floating Shelves

Another uncommon feature you should add to your kitchen is a floating shelf.

Contrary to what some people think, floating shelves are not just for living rooms and  bedrooms alone; they blend perfectly into the kitchen. If you are the type that likes to display a few things in your kitchen, then a floating shelf is your go to. 

Do you have a few uncommon extras in your kitchen or the ones you would want us to add?

Drop a comment in the comment box.

Mulikat Sarumi 

She is an Enterprise Architect for numerous federal government offices and also  a database administrator. She likes cooking and resides in the state of Maryland. 

Do you want a Bespoke Kitchen?

Let's give you exactly what you want.

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Industrial Kitchen Style-Features you need to Know

Industrial Kitchen Style-Features you need to Know 0

Industrial Kitchens; though not meant for everyone, are classy and stylish. When planned and executed properly, they can make a huge statement. Though everything still boils down to preference and choice as there are transitional kitchens and farmhouse kitchens, however, it goes without a saying that the Industrial kitchen can give you those required Goosebumps.

Industrial kitchen styles are mostly considered by people who would love to cook like pros.

Here are a few features of the Industrial Kitchen you need to know about should you want to go that route.

High Ceilings and Large Open Space

To have an Industrial kitchen, you need an open space with high ceilings. Industrial kitchens are not always behind closed doors due to the kind of heat expected to be emitted. Space also has to be large with high ceilings so as to allow for space for easy movement and also contain those heavy-duty appliances.  

Stainless Steel Appliances

To achieve that look of industrial kitchen, you have to keep your appliances mainly stainless steel. This allows easy cleaning and also provides the much-needed professional look. From the worktops to the appliances used and even zincs; stainless steel surfaces are mostly considered for industrial kitchen style.

Heavy Duty Appliances

To have Industrial Kitchen Style, your kitchen appliances have to be heavy duty appliances. Five burner cookers; 48-inch or 36-inch range, dual refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, dishwashers, induction cooktop and pizza ovens are a few of the appliances that should be considered for your Industrial Style kitchens.

Flooring Style

For an Industrial kitchen style, you do not need your kitchen floor to be too sophisticated as concrete floors would do just fine though many designers would recommend hardwood/engineered wood or stone tile.

If your preferred kitchen style is the Industrial Style; we have been able to point out a few features that you really need to consider.

Has this been helpful?

Do you have other points you wished could have been mentioned?

Talk to us; Drop a comment.

Alabi Olusayo 
Digital Marketer/Social Media Manager/ Content Developer for Vanaplus Group (Hog Furniture, Vanaplus Ventures, B&M)

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10 Interesting Facts on Interior Design Everyone Should Know

10 Interesting Facts on Interior Design Everyone Should Know 1

Interior design skills are something we wish we all had so we could make our home look like the one in our dreams. The main thing to remember about this type of design is that it isn't always about the design itself, but how it makes us feel. We have 10 interesting facts about interior design everyone should know.

1. Colors Make A Room

The colors in a room give it power, transform it and make it a different world than the rest of the house. When you paint a bold accent wall or paint a ceiling a certain color, the room takes on its own life. From standard neutrals to moody hues, each color gives the room a different feel. Pastels give rooms warmth. Dusty teal is a popular color that pairs well with all neutrals for a fresh look. Cool grays and blues bring a peaceful feel. 

2. Natural Elements Boost Productivity

Whether you work from home or go into an office, the design of your workspace matters. Interior design can actually create an environment that promotes concentration and productivity. Natural elements like the use of lighting, windows and live plants help you focus on projects. The design of your workspace shouldn't be cluttered, but minimal. 

3. Actress Elsie De Wolfe Make Interior Decorating A Career

Actress Elsie de Wolfe is credited for being the first professional interior decorator in 1905. She was hired to do the interior decorating of New York's first club for women. She used a feminine style with a light look, tiled floors, wicker chairs, and trellised rooms. She is famous for her simple, pure style. She loved white paint, lights and comfy chairs. 

4. Interior Design Does Not Equal Interior Décor

Interior design and interior decor are not the same thing. Interior design is more about evaluating the room and then using the room's space. The space needs to bring different moods to the home. Interior design also means making the decor in the room versatile bringing the atmosphere to life. Interior decor is about furniture, decorations and accessories that make up the room. They two work together to create the perfect feel and function. 

5. Rooms Should Be Functional, Not Perfect

If a room looks great, but isn't comfortable, don't settle for it. Your home should be inviting to all that enter. You can create lavish spaces that function like a museum, but it'll be wasted space because you'll never be able to live in the spaces. Each space should be a mix of function, design and comfort. 

6. Interior Designs Don't Have To Be Artsy

Interior design doesn't have to be over-the-top. Some rooms may be simple while others lavish. Many rooms just need a polished look. This brings a classic feel. Wall panels, paint and accessories can have a simplistic look for an elegant feel. The room needs to serve a purpose. Style doesn't always jump off the walls at you, sometimes it's subtle in beauty and function. 

7. Eco-friendly Products Are Trendy

Eco-friendly is a trend these days. Interior design products that are eco-friendly boost any space. The benefits of these products and materials are that they have a lower maintenance cost, better quality and can be energy efficient. Using eco-friendly materials for installation is even better for any room. Eco-friendly products are sustainable and functional. 

8. Design Is In The Details

Details make a room come to life. Spacing and doors might not seem like much, but they can change the mood of a room. The smallest details shine in the final result. Textures, finishes, colors and placement of accessories are crucial to the look and feel of the room. 


9. Lighting Helps Health

The amount of lighting in each room can help your mental and physical health. Living plants and greenery help relax the mind. When the mind is able to relax, the body will then relax. Studies show that patients in hospitals have a positive reaction to windows. Think if you worked or lived in a room without windows for a large part of the day. Lighting and windows bring a lighter, positive feel to each room.

10. The Average Lifespan Of Your Couch

Your couch takes a lot in its lifespan. On average, 782 people will sit on it and 1,663 spills will fall on it. These statistics might sound crazy, but it means your furniture needs to function. Choose furniture that matches with your design, is comfortable and durable. If you have pets or kids, lean towards leather or microfiber fabric. 

Interior design changes over the years. It's important to stay updated on the designs. The main thing to remember is a room should have function and style rolled into one room. Have fun as you work to make your home dreams come true. 


Interior design changes over the years. It's important to stay updated on the designs. The main thing to remember is a room should have function and style rolled into one room. Have fun as you work to make your home dreams come true.

Would you like to read more on this check out this link 


Mikayla St. Clair
Mikayla St. Clair is a Public Relations Specialist for Eye Designs. She loves to write informative
articles and share her knowledge with the readers.

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Amazing Ways to Get an Impeccable and Captivating Interior of Your Home

Amazing Ways to Get an Impeccable and Captivating Interior of Your Home 0

We have a great deal of regard for inside creators and the entirety of the difficult work they put into their structured spaces. It takes a specific eye to have the option to arrange a room and make it remarkable and practical, all simultaneously.

Definitely, we all need to make our home appear as though a magazine spread. All things considered, not every person can stand to employ an inside creator to come into their home, managing all their structure choices. A few of us really need to be the person who settles on our own structure choices, utilizing our own individual style and inclinations.

Making a rousing inside plan that establishes a decent first connection with visitors is something that each mortgage holder needs as it's a pleasant inclination to hear that wow of your visitors as they appreciate your home's amazing inside structure. Adding some basic clear outs to draw a fine line before you start working on your interior up-gradation.

• Do not forget plants

• Do not forget the space or area of your pet, such as a dog house, a cat basket, or a bird feeder.

These things represent your impression of responsibility.

To assist you with establishing an exceptional inside plan connection, here are 13 different ways you can intrigue visitors with a splendid interior.

How might we get the motivation to take our insides from exhausting to excellent—without the cost of an expert fashioner?

How about we take a gander at certain approaches to assist you with starting sorting out and planning your rooms into a space that, up to this point, you figured just an inside architect could make. Follow these tips and you will start to see your companions sneaking a look into your telephones contact list, searching for the quantity of your inside fashioner. Regardless of whether you need your insides to resemble a lavish inn or simply energize your insides, these tips will help. Shhhh… it's our little mystery that you did everything without anyone else's input. View to realize the stunning approaches to get a perfect and enthralling inside of your home;

1. Hang Interesting Pendant Lights

Lighting can represent the deciding moment even the best inside plan. If you need to dazzle visitors with the exciting home inside plan, make certain to get lighting right. Pendant lights are the best decision of lighting for an advanced home inside. In any case, with regards to pendant lights, ensure you pick something that has an unprecedented, bizarre plan – one that calls consideration and can trigger visual concentrate upward.  

2. Receive An Open Plan Design

On the off chance that you need to make a solid effect in your hall, our senior creators at Décor Aid suggest receiving an open-plan structure if conceivable. This inside plan will cause your home to show up more open than it really is.

3. Include Some Eye-Catching Shine

One of the most perfect inside structure thoughts that you can apply to your house is to include eye-getting sparkle, for example, precious stone adornments, bronze furnishings, or embellishing pieces made of metal or tempered steel. These amazing inside structure thoughts will leave your visitors propelled the minute they step through your entryway.  

4. Beautify With Large Plants 

Plants are an incredible method to make your home stick out, regardless of whether outside or inside. On the off chance that you need your inside structure to stick out, enhance your home insides with huge plants. Orchestrate several huge plants in the corridor or spot them in your front room. Also, plants don't cost a ton of cash, they make for a good thought when hoping to hoist your inside structure on a tight spending plan. 

5. Spruce Up Your Walls

To intrigue, your visitors, enhance your dividers with backdrops that have alluring and irregular examples, shading, and structures. You can decide on disconnected fundamental structures that are naturally motivated or other vivid plans that will transform your dividers into a wonderful show-stopper.  

6. Raise With White Woodwork

Despite the shading that you've decided for your inside structure, consider raising your home with amazing white woodwork. This inside structure for home offers a sweet difference against splendidly hued dividers and dull wooden floors. It likewise gives a conventional edge to your inside structure while making your home insides look new and rich.  

7. Think about Going Green

There's nothing greater than enhancing your home with earth neighborly pieces. Right now the age where everybody is by all accounts practicing environmental safety, make your home champion by joining manageable and eco-accommodating inside structure thoughts.  

8. Put resources into Art Displays

Workmanship showcases can help set the shading palette of the inside structure for the home. Your visitors will definitely be in wonder after observing these expressive pieces holding tight your divider. Be that as it may, in case you're attempting to make inside plan on spending plan, you can shop at swap meets and bazaars for moderate however amazing craftsmanship shows and stylistic theme.  

9. Pick Colors That Inspire

Recall that your decision of shading can represent the deciding moment your inside structure thoughts. Be cautious mixing the hues for your inside enhancement. In the event that you need your stylistic layout to stick out, don't stay with neutrals as they're excessively inconspicuous and won't make your space champion. Rather, pick bright examples that are tastefully engaging and satisfying to the eyes.  

10. Mastermind Attractive Chairs Near The Entrance

Having dazzling seating near your way portal fills a twofold need. Adjacent to wow your guests, you can use the seat while putting your shoes on or taking them off. You can have two or three sleek seats in corresponding hues and a reassuring as an afterthought, or you can put an excellent lounge chair or seat. Whatever you pick, ensure you put resources into decorations that will establish a decent moment connection with your visitors.  

11. Show A Console In The Foyer

As your visitors will no doubt be going through your foyer when entering your home. One approach to make your inside adornment stand apart is to put a support table on one side of your lobby. In case you're having a go at searching for the best in the interior of home on a tight spending plan, consider upcycling an old vintage reassure. Paint it in planning shades, and embellish it with upscale articles.  

12. Fuse Unique Designs

If it’s all the same to you spending more on your inside adornment, consider putting resources into a bespoke household item that has a really extraordinary structure. Make it a point of convergence of your inside embellishment and spot it in a territory that your visitors will effectively take note of. For example, you can refresh your family room with a crisscross molded bookshelf or a strangely formed footstool. These enlivening pieces will without a doubt leave your visitors motivated and intrigued.  

13. Introduce Hardwood Flooring

A solid method to wow your visitors is by introducing a la mode and smooth hardwood flooring flaunting an uncommon wood in your home insides. You may need to enlist proficient contractual workers for the establishment of the deck, however, this inside structure add-on merits the venture. The effect of this exemplary ground surface style isn't just perfect, yet it is sure to build the estimation of your home. 

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Art Deco Tips That Will Transform Your Bedroom

Art Deco Tips That Will Transform Your Bedroom 0

Have you recently watched The Great Gatsby and got mesmerized by aesthetics and design shown in the movie? You are not the only one. Art deco was slowly but surely coming back over the past years, and the influence of films such as this one and many others only confirmed that the best inspiration can be found in our pa
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