Why You Should BUY Megaman Led Sensor Screw Bulb

When undertaking the project of a house,  most people focus on the architectural design, walls and prominent furniture like chairs and tables. They tend to overlook and ignore one important aspect of design - Light.

 As small and insignificant as they may seem, your choice of light might just be the final piece in giving you the desired interior design.  Light can ruin or complement the atmosphere of a room, depending on your choice. so it’s time to stop making light the least priority– don’t just put in any light you see into a well designed room. Ensure to include the choice of light into the design of your house right from foundation level, and you’ll see what a difference it will make in the overall design.


Journey with me as we consider the types of light and its uses.


This LED Sensor, with improved lumen output, automatically lights up in darkness and turns itself off when light is ample. Perfect for outdoor lamp fittings. With this defining feature, it helps to save energy as well as extend the life span of the bulb.

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Why You Should BUY Megaman Led Sensor Screw Bulb


The Megaman Rico ultra slim integrated downlight features Megaman's hybrid reflector and U-DIM technology. This product comes with a driver that helps to help protect the light in the case of power surge issues  and has a lifespan of between 30000 hours to 50000 hours. It is ideal for a ceiling recess with limited depth. It has Hybrid reflector lens delivers excellent beam control and less spill light, its U-DIM technology offers an enhanced dimming range from 100% down to 5%.It also features Dim to warm technology – emitting a warmer light when dimmed from 2800K to 1800K.

This product is available in 6.5w and 9w and in 2800k and 4000k colour temperature.



The Megaman Lucca recessed down light fitting is designed for Megaman LED GU10s, with a 30 degree tilting angle. It can be used with any of the GU10 ranges.  It is a perfect and affordable replacement for Compact Rico. It is advisable to use the GU10 7W which has a hybrid reflector that offers excellent optics, efficacy and beam control. MEGAMAN's Hybrid Reflector combines the best features of its popular faceted reflector range with the total internal reflection of our optical reflector to push LED technology to the next level. At the same time minimizing spill light, reducing glare and eliminating the 'visual noise' of multiple lens arrays.  It can be used in the Bedroom, Living room, Corridors, Hotels, Restaurants etc.


The MEGAMAN VERSOFIT is a fully integrated LED fire rated down light with serviceable dimming LED module. The option of a Serviceable module allows you to upgrade the fixture, or change the color temperature without having to remove the fixture. It operates in low temperature which allows for extended life span.

For this product to be Fire-rated, here are the implications:

- Provides protection to the floor above in the case of fire for 90 minutes.

- Part B Compliant BS476 part 21 - Suitable for all timber joist ceiling variants for up to 90 minutes.

- Part L Compliant of UK Building Regulations

Thus, it is an ideal light option for places with high risk of occurrence of a fire incident; the kitchen; in addition, it can be used in bathrooms, shops and general residential.

Available in 2800k and 4000k

Available in the Tilt version and 1P65 version



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