How Curtains Define the Aesthetics of a Room

When planning the interior decoration, layout, and aesthetic of a room, most people focus on the walls and prominent furniture like chairs and tables. They tend to overlook and ignore one important aspect of interior décor – curtains. As small and insignificant as they may seem, your curtains might just be the final piece in the puzzle when it comes to getting your interior décor done right. Curtains can make or mar your planned-out design for a room, so it’s time to stop picking out curtains as a last-minute item – don’t just put in any curtain you see into a well laid out room. Work the curtain into the room plan from the jump, and you’ll see what a difference it will make in the overall design.

Curtains are not just those pieces of cloth that cover the windows – they are a lot more than that. Different types of curtains serve different types of style aesthetics, and they would be explored below. When mapping out a room’s aesthetic, people tend to go for either of these three – feminine, classic, and modern. The type of curtains you use have the power to help you achieve your preferred aesthetic, or totally deviate from it, creating an interior décor faux pas.

Read on to discover the best curtains to nail each style:


The modern room aesthetic can also be described as minimalistic. It is characterized by muted neutral colors – blacks, whites, and grays. In some modern color palettes, a dash of color is added to give the room a certain pop. Some other takes on a modern/minimalistic room use monochromatic palettes, i.e. different shades of the same color, and a dash of white and/or black. If you’re trying to create a modern aesthetic in a room, make sure you opt for curtain styles that fit the aesthetic and color scheme. Plain curtains and striped curtains work best for modern rooms.


The name alone explains what this aesthetic is all about. It is characterized by bright and soft tones, pastel palettes, florals, polka dots, pinks, and yellows. The curtains picked out for this room should match the color scheme and existing patterns. For example, if you have floral throw pillows, the curtains should be floral, and the colors should match as well.


The classic room aesthetic is one that is designed in a traditional style, with high-end luxurious statement furniture. The curtains included in this design should be as sophisticated as the furniture, to avoid a mishap.

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